Our vision is to create a sustainable model encompassing Belleek district’s unique heritage by promoting, developing and raising awareness of conservation protection, management of the local environment, historical buildings and other structures for the benefit of the public.

To take advantage of and improve recreation opportunities both outdoor and indoor for the benefit of the public, through the promotion and provision of health and well being advice, sporting events and development of local clubs dedicated to the provision of sports and well being. To make a positive difference for the local people, groups, surrounding hinterland and visitors to the area.

To create and encourage a partnership approach and collaborative relationship between intergenerational, cross border, cross community, local authority, governmental and voluntary bodies without prejudice of religion, race, gender or political persuasion to achieve our targets and aims.

To raise awareness, promote and secure the provision of social services and educational and recreational facilities within the area of benefit according to the needs of the local community.

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The Belleek Development and Heritage Group’s (BDHG) aim is to develop Belleek as a heritage village, taking advantage of its historical and natural assets. Strong support is given by the local community to develop Belleek as a heritage village, with 95% of responses in a recent survey in agreement that this should happen.

Other themes arising from the survey include restoring a sense of community pride in the town and area; improving the marina and introducing activities; improving Belleek accommodation offering; having more events or festivals, better signage and trails; more walks, cycling routes etc; strengthen the marketing and identity of Belleek.

Extensive key stakeholder engagement further established ways in which Belleek can better maximise its assets with regard to tourism, along with seeking out funding opportunities,establishing partnership working and improving the visitor’s experience. This includes developing the ‘culturally curious’ market, creating more authentic and interactive experiences, improving walkways and cycle routes, and further engaging and working with the community to ensure the visitor’s experience is positive......click on image to document


Belleek Development and Heritage Group (BDHG) is a registered charity in Northern Ireland, we were established in 2019 just prior to the Covid pandemic. Our aim is to be a voice in the far West of Fermanagh, to ensure that Belleek and the surrounding hinterland can take full advantage of opportunities and funding previously missed out on. We are all volunteers with the same goal of putting Belleek back on the map as a destination rather than a gateway to somewhere else.


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07, April 2022

Have your say on the future of Belleek

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for local beople and visitores to help shape the future of Belleek village.

Belleek Development and Heritage Group in partnership with Lough Erne Landscape Partnerships wit funding from National Lottery Fund Northern Ireland and through SKS Scotland is gathering feedback from the local community.........

10, March 2022

Raising cash and awareness Action Mental Health

Fantastic collaboration between community groups, local business and the wider public in raising much needed cash for local mental health projects. A massive thanks to Belleek Development and Heritage Group, Womens Shed Belleek, Belleek Mens Shed,Rooney's Giftstore and The Variety Store....

08, March 2022

Belleek Marina Project

Funded by Covid Recovery Small Settlement Programme in a combination of funding by DAERA, Dfl, DfC and Council...

08, March 2022

SKS Scotland Development Plan Consultants

SKS Scotland are the preferred bidder to provide a Development Plan for Belleek Haritage Village...

08, March 2022

Heritage Village Website on way!

Fermanagh Web Design are the preferred tender for Belleek's new Heritage Village Website....


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