Belleek in Bloom is a fantastic initiative combining getting fit, mental health well being and keeping the village looking beautiful. Volunteers team up with friends and litter pick, plant planters, water plants, control weeds and generally have a bit of craic. if you're interested contact us through the contact page and we will get you kitted out....



The Belleek Heritage and Development Group are keen to see Belleek develop as a heritage village, one where heritage and history is preserved yet woven into a village experience.  The plan will take into account the idea of heritage village and how this can be used to attract industry, visitors and encourage people to stay longer and spend more in the village.


The development plan will take into account history and heritage, how Belleek Village can create a stronger and more visible connection to Belleek Pottery and Castle Caldwell, the birthplace of Belleek. 


The plan will align with the Fermanagh Omagh District Council development plan, Tourism NI Giant Spirit Brand and the Tourism Ireland Fill your heart with Ireland.  The plan will also consider the proposed Greenway Plan between Ballyshannon and Belleek.   


This tourism development plan will inform Belleek Development and Heritage Group on the future of its direction with all our stakeholders and local community.


Belleek is placed at the most westerly point of the UK on the border with Donegal.  It is a picturesque village with a world famous pottery located within its boundary, overlooking the River Erne.  The village requires an online presence that will support it as a place to promote, inform, educate and celebrate its history and cultural heritage.

The Belleek Heritage Village website will be a brochureware website for the village, telling its story, promoting its history and heritage, its local businesses and to be a platform where people can go to find out more about Belleek. Visit www.belleekheritagevillage.com


The Golden Years Club (originally Young at Heart) meet fortnightly on a Tuesday from 2pm to 4pm at the Wark Hall on Main Street Belleek. Its a chance to talk about the good old days with friends around the district, reminice and share stories of childhood and growing up in Belleek. There is also plenty of talks lined up for this year and of course a game of bingo. If you would like to know more contact us through the contact page.



The Belleek Regatta is a celebration of the indigenous Fermanagh Cot used on the Lough Erne and River Erne since the 1800s. The Fermanagh Cot races have been reintroduced at a number of locations on upper and lower loughs and the Belleek Regatta runs on the weekend of the 12th July holiday. On July 10th 2022 we will be running the first Regatta since the onset of the covid pandemic in 2019.

The event has two races a senior race and a junior race comprising of eight teams of three competitors per boat. Registration for each event will be announced this month (March) both here and on our facebook page.


Castle Caldwell was one of many plantation era castles built around the shores of Lough Erne during the early part of the 17th century. The castle, also known as Hasett’s Fort, was built between 1612 and 1618 by Francis Blennerhaset from Norfolk. Blennerhaset later rented it to the Caldwells, a rich merchant family from Enniskillen, who bought it outright in 1662. It is unclear when this church, about 500 metres to the west of the castle, was built however the tomb of James Caldwell which stands behind it would lend us to believe it may have been built during his lifetime. He died in 1716 in the castle.

The five other burials that are known in this small cemetery are all from other families, the Hamiltons and Brownes, who may have been domestic staff. The castle passed into the hands of the Bloomfield family through marriage and in 1857 John Caldwell Bloomfield, its then owner, founded Belleek Pottery. The castle was inhabited until the early part of the 20th century but now it is almost impossible to access due to the amount of ivy and other foliage covering its decaying walls. The church is also in a state of serious disrepair but still stands as a charming vision in the dense green forest.

The Belleek Development and Heritage Group are looking to instigate a small conservation project at the historical Castle Caldwell Graveyard and church.