The Heritage Village Plan will encompass a series of short, medium and longer term actions.  We will be using this plan to preserve, educate, inform, celebrate and promote the cultural heritage within the village and surrounding area. The plan will help to inform on the most effective course of action to realise our potential fully as a Heritage Village, thus offering the opportunity to create a destination village which would in turn promote a richer economy, preserving our local heritage, promoting an environmentally sustainable visitor experience as well as creating a strong sense of pride within our local community.


This might include community lead projects, capital projects, events and any other appropriate activity that fits within the cultural, built and natural heritage piece.  Ultimately we will have one document that we can work with and that will assist us when we are seeking other funding; it will be used to help influence decision makers on heritage village development; it will help to develop a typical or not so typical village in a border county as a tourist destination. We would expect to include existing cultural events, such as the Belleek Regatta which celebrates the indigenous craft of Cot Building and event of cot river racing that is unique to Fermanagh.

Funding for this plan was provided by the ever helpful Lough Erne Landscape Partnership supported through funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Belleek Heritage Village Development Plan

The plan will provide deliverable short, medium and long term goals and clarify actions and quarterly targets that take into account Belleek history and heritage and the strong connection to Castle Caldwell, developing Belleek as a Heritage Village tourism offer. It will provide BDHG with a clear document that will guide the development of the area, inform decision makers and support early stage funding applications.