Belleek Development and Heritage Group is a registered charity working on behalf of Belleek Village and the outlying areas of Mulleek, Roscor and Corry.  Belleek is the most westerly village in the UK and located on the border with Donegal. The connection with Ballyshannon is strong and both Belleek and Ballyshannon have provided over many years mutual employment opportunities.  The economy within the Belleek area is strongly connected to Belleek Pottery and the spin offs it has created for the tourism sector. 


The area is unique and rich in history, culture and heritage with ancient megalith structures just outside the village, a plantation castle, remnants of the famine and original features within the village that have stood the test of time. 


Our organisation which consists of a 11 committee members have identified the need to develop a strategic plan for the village that encompasses the tourism product and the opportunities that can be brought with that. 

The Belleek Heritage and Development Group are keen to see Belleek develop as a heritage village, one where heritage and history is preserved yet woven into a village experience.  This plan should take into account the idea of heritage village and how this can be used to attract industry, visitors and encourage people to stay longer and spend more in the village.


The development plan should take into account history and heritage, how Belleek Village can create a stronger and more visible connection to Belleek Pottery and Castle Caldwell, the birthplace of Belleek. 


The plan should align with the Fermanagh Omagh District Council development plan, Tourism NI Giant Spirit Brand and the Tourism Ireland Fill your heart with Ireland.  The plan should also consider the proposed Greenway Plan between Ballyshannon and Belleek.   


This tourism development plan should inform Belleek Development and Heritage Group on the future of its direction with all our stakeholders and local community.


Michele Gallagher


Tommy Gallagher

Aisling McGullion


Helen Campbell

Teresa O'Loughlin

Peter McMahon